Saman Tejarat Parseh is organized according to the needs of business community to experience in the market research  and provide needed goods and the export of Iranian goods. This activity not only in iran but also has developed outside the  iran and in middle east have been entered

Today, if your business is focused on the domestic circle, we can not be synchronized with the speed of development of foreign trade .  SamanTejarat Parseh's management philosophy is based on the idea of the global village , regardless of geographic boundaries. The field of activity of the company is  general trading and the preparation

of authorized goods to iran and has been active listed

The European countries are central supplying the goods and services produced by the world famous brands. We believe that the customer has the right to the use of high quality goods.

General trading includes the provision of all the required goods in the field of oil , gas , petrochemical , pharmaceutical, medical , construction machinery, drilling and their components , cosmetics , automotive and etc.Saman Tejarat Parseh is the exclusive agent  for several  European and Canadian companies




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